My name is Danielle McBurnett Stringer, but I’ve been Dani ever since I was little. I am the Kid Nurse.

The name Kid Nurse has a double meaning for me; I am both a nurse practitioner who takes care of kids, and arguably, I was a kid when I first became a nurse.

Around the age of ten, I decided that I wanted to become a nurse. My incredibly supportive parents did everything they could to foster my dream, so at the age of twelve, with the help of accelerated education and a whole lot of gumption, I started attending college. By the time I was fifteen, I obtained my associates degree and found myself interviewing with the admission counselor for Arizona State University’s nursing program. The conversation is vivid in my memory, “You are how old? And want to do what? That’s impossible.” And yet the more dissension I was met with somehow made me more resolute in chasing my dreams. Maybe it’s slightly due to being a very stubborn first-born, but I would like to think it was mainly my dedication to the principle that the only things in life worth doing are hard. After a thorough review of Arizona state law and my transcripts, Arizona State University accepted me into their accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing program in 2008. It was during that time that I discovered my love for children. They absolutely inspire me. Watching children take in the world and have joy abouDani finalt everything (okay almost everything) is a beautiful process and an honor to witness. In 2009, I became the youngest nurse in the state of Arizona at age seventeen and I was a featured graduate at the ASU graduation with President Obama. I continued with my education at ASU and in 2010, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, received my Masters of Science in Nursing degree, and became a pediatric nurse practitioner. I was eighteen and thrilled. A few months later, I became additionally certified as a pediatric mental health specialist because of my passion for treating mental health issues.

I have been working as a pediatric nurse practitioner ever since then, almost four years now. I have had the privilege
of caring for thousands of children and their families. Currently, I work at a large practice in Chandler, Arizona. It’s busy, and it’s wonderful. I learn new things from my patients every day. Sharing life with young families is absolutely the best part; laughing together, crying, watching their little ones grow, and cheering them on for bright futures. I am so blessed by them.

I married my best friend in November 2012 and it was the best decision I ever made. I knew it was a match made in heaven from the moment I found out my future-husband’s name was Daniel. I am so excited to become a mother someday mainly because I can’t wait to see what a wonderful father he will be. This blog wouldn’t be here without him. I am blessed to have the most amazing parents in the world! I am also the oldest of four children, so to them I have always been a “second mother.” I love to travel, I’m a proud Irish-American, and I only like to say I enjoy exercising because that forces me into actually doing it more often. I’ve always really liked pretty shoes and rhinestones which led to a short stint in the Miss American Organization when I was a top-five finalist at Miss Arizona. My family and my love for Jesus is my driving focus in life, and with their encouragement, I strive to become a better pediatric nurse practitioner every day.