Welcome to this incredible community where we talk about all things kid-related! I’m your KidNurse, Dani, and I’m so thankful you are here. If you are like most of my readers, you can probably relate with the following thoughts:

  • You love your children more than anything and want to give them a healthy, happy life.
  • You have been inundated by the sheer amount of different opinions about raising children found in parenting resources and shared by your family and friends. This is frequently overwhelming to you.
  • You want quick, reliable answers to the questions you have about your children. Going to your pediatric health provider when every question comes up isn’t always necessary or possible, so you look online. Sometimes you feel like you are at the mercy of Google search results, and aren’t able to trust the quality of the information you find. You’re left not really knowing what to do for your children.
  • You understand that parenting is the HARDEST adventure you’ve ever been on. You want to surround yourself with encouragement, but you aren’t always sure where to turn.

I’ve heard these same concerns expressed time and time again in my exam room, and I understand how you feel.

To better meet my patients’ needs, I started reading what their parents were reading. After spending countless hours on popular parenting sites and scrolling through forums, you know what I found? Exactly what you did. It’s a messy, harsh online world out there when it comes to pediatric health and parenting. It’s not surprising so many parents feel confused and overwhelmed.

I wanted to do something about this, so I created KidNurse.

Why I Write:

I started KidNurse because I love children, and I truly believe I can help you. Instead of keeping my years of education and experience with children exclusively in the exam room, I want to share it online. While KidNurse should never replace the relationship you have with your pediatric health provider, I understand that parenting is rapidly changing. As a result, pediatric education and information needs to change with it and meet parents where they are.

KidNurse is easily accessible to parents when and where they need it. My hope is that KidNurse will become a valuable resource for your parenting journey.


KidNurse Health Philosophy:

  • I believe all life in all stages is beautiful, miraculous, and precious. Children need our ever-watchful protection and unconditional love.
  • I believe in evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice is a method of providing care that is both safe and effective and founded on quality research. This is extremely important to me, because children need health care that is proven to be safe and effective.
  • I believe there is more than one way to raise a healthy, happy child. In fact, there are many, many ways. We can embrace and learn from other methods, even if they are not our own.
  • I believe we won’t always agree on everything, and that’s completely okay. Loving children and keeping them safe is the bottom line, and we will always agree on that.
  • I believe, as a parent, you know your child best. I will always respect your thoughts and feelings as the parent of your child.
  • I believe in writing for today. I will always do my best to present the most current pediatric perspective, but I realize pediatric health will change with time and new research developments, and there will be times my opinion changes, as well. Learning and embracing new concepts and ideas is an essential part of our growth.
  • I believe we are all so far from perfect. But we need to remember that perfection is not our goal! As a community, we strive to be excellent and authentic when it comes to children’s health.
  • I believe every parent needs encouragement, and I strive to be encouraging with all my content at KidNurse. Kids don’t come with manuals, so it’s important to have resources and a community of supporters championing parents on as we navigate this uncharted territory together. I ask that all my readers be a source of encouragement as well.

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