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Child with Ultrascope 1If there is one tool nurses (and all healthcare professionals for that matter) hold near and dear to their heart, it’s undoubtably their stethoscope. Why? That amazing tool is literally held near and dear to the hearts of countless patients, and hopefully, while we assess them, we get the chance to change patients’ lives. For that reason, a stethoscope holds a lot of sentimental value to its owner. I’ll always remember signing up for nursing school as I was busily relishing the fact that I finally made it, gingerly flipping through the pages of my new *giant* textbooks, and then, picking out my very first stethoscope. At that moment, I thought the angels would descend with beaming lights to crown my new stethoscope around my neck. It was glorious. Except there was one problem, I had no idea which stethoscope to pick! I was barraged with about 2,000 different options all of which had bigger price tags than my hungry college student budget had hoped for. So, I did what any good college student does, picked the cheapest one, and instantly fell in love. The quality was honestly a step below basic, but I was far too happy, and too inexperienced to know.

However, let’s fast-forward to today. Since that time, I have listened to thousands of little hearts. As a nurse practitioner in primary pediatric care, the buck stops with me. If a baby has a heart murmur, it’s up to me to find it, and potentially save lives. That’s no light burden, but it’s a burden that healthcare providers proudly carry every day. Having a stethoscope with great acoustic ability is critically important.

But then there is something else to consider when it comes to stethoscopes. I think deep-down most nurses agree with me on this. I’ve always wanted a stethoscope that matched my personality. Meaning: colorful, unique and above all else SPARKLY!!!!!! No more of that black, one-size-fits-all thing. If I am going to wear a stethoscope every single day as I deal with problems and odors most people don’t know exist, my goodness I want my stethoscope to be FAB-U-LOUS!

Well guys, here’s the news. I’ve finally found it! The fabulous stethoscope we have all been waiting for is finally here. It is the perfect combination of superior acoustic performance with beautiful, unique, hand-painted designs. Allow me to introduce you to UltraScopes. (Disclosure: Kid Nurse was provided with product from UltraScope to review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Read more here.)

I found UltraScopes a few months ago while at a national pediatric nurse practitioner conference. Maybe I’m just drawn to shiny things, but I spotted the UltraScope booth from a hundred miles away. Here’s why:

Ultrascopes combined

AMAZING!!! This is just an example of a few of the over 100 hand-painted designs made by UltraScope. Each hand-painted design is available in a variety of colors. Let me tell you, they are gorgeous! UltraScope has something for everyone. First, you pick out your design and then you get to pick from all these amazing tubing colors:

UltraScope Tubing Colors

Aren’t you in love now too? I highly recommend you visit the stethoscope builder on the UltraScope website to get creative making your own unique stethoscope. It’s so fun!

Here’s a few more details about UltraScopes I think you need to know:

  • UltraScope stethoscopes were created by an emergency room nurse (love it!) who found it challenging to listen to heart sounds with the constant amount of surrounding noise. Since there was no way for her to reduce the noise in the environment, she needed a stethoscope that could do it for her. Now, my day is typically filled with crying, fussy, screaming children (AKA toddlers) and hopefully an angelic newborn here and there. Reducing children’s noise is not typically an option, so I’m glad my UltraScope does it for me.
  • UltraScopes perform just as well through clothing and wound dressings. Now, I can still remember my nursing professors docking me points for listening through patient’s clothing, but let’s be honest, sometimes that has to be done. It’s a necessity to have a stethoscope with that capability, and UltraScopes are excellent at it.
  • Over the years, I’ve owned many different stethoscopes. The acoustic ability of my UltraScope is better than my previous Littmann stethoscopes.
  • My UltraScope is extremely light-weight. In fact, I can wear two full-sized UltraScopes (an adult and pediatric size) and they still weigh less than my previous stethoscope.
  • UltraScopes have over 100 hand-painted designs to pick from with every tubing color you can think of! In addition, UltraScopes can also be engraved with your name or special messages.
  • UltraScopes are made from crack-resistant acrylic which make them extremely durable. With day-to-day use, I’ve already dropped my UltraScope multiple times without so much as a scratch. But even if something did happen to my UltraScope…
  • They have a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Did you catch that? If anything happens to your UltraScope, the diaphragm, tubing, and/or ear tips will be replaced for FREE! No questions asked. I don’t know any other stethoscope company with this amazing type of warranty.

So if you want to give a nurse or any healthcare professional the BEST gift they will ever get, this is it folks. UltraScopes make a perfect gift to congratulate students for starting their healthcare journey, celebrate graduations, work anniversaries, birthdays, Nurses Week, or any special occasion. And to be honest, healthcare friends, I think these stethoscopes make perfect gifts to give yourself. Recognizing the incredible contributions you make every day in the lives of your patients is important.

As a limited time offer, UltraScope is generously giving my readers a 20% off coupon code and including free shipping! That brings the total cost of your UltraScope stethoscope to $87.95, which is a smoking-deal. The coupon code is KIDNURSE. Go to www.ultrascope.com to pick out your stethoscope today! Also, visit UltraScopes on their Facebook page!

UltraScope in Boxes


UltraScope Giveaway BannerTo celebrate Nurses Week and the amazing nurses who dedicate their lives to taking care of others, we will be raffling 5 beautiful, brand-new UltraScope stethoscopes! Winners will then be able to pick from one of the over 100 hand-painted designs to make the stethoscope perfectly unique for them. Who’s excited?!?! While entrants do not need to be nurses, I just ask that the winners of the stethoscopes use it to help the lives of others! Winners will be announced via video next Wednesday, May 13th. Enter below! Also, leave me a comment with a shout-out to the amazing nurses you love, tag them so they can enter, and tell me which stethoscope design you like best!

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